is a social network for business intelligence that let’s you to create beautiful, actionable, social dashboards fast. Analyze your data in a snap and act on events that matter as they unfold in real time.

Real-Time visualization

Real-Time visualization

Sign up in one click to connect and visualize your data online fast

BI made easy

BI made easy

Intuitive, simple interface is designed to let anyone create

Interactive dashboards

Interactive dashboards

Discuss and act on your data right from the source

Prefab analytics

With a growing library of prebuild analytics at your finger tips. Connect your favorite data source and create a prefab dashboard in seconds.

Instant share

Openly publish your dashboard on your blog, site or portal. Auto email report, export to PDF, SVG, PNG. See it on any device.

Social to the core

MiM is designed to be a social network for analytics. Follow top contributors and build your network around data that matters to you

Connect the world and set-it-in-motion. Get in-the-moment updates on the things that interest you. And watch events unfold, in real time, from every angle.

Our service is currently going through a "Closed BETA" phase - beta testing that is only available to a select few individuals and company employees.

If you are interested in data visualization and analysis and wish to participate in our "closed BETA" program - please use the form on the right hand side to sign up.

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